Thanks for visiting the 4th International Music Festival Phnom Penh

we are mostly grateful for the support by:
H.E. Veng Serevuth, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts
German Embassy, Goethe Institut Jakarta, GTZ Cambodia

The annual music festival provides an important opportunity for the future development of young Khmer artists. Our approach to promote Western Classical Music is based on the concept that understanding of different art forms is only possible in the context of the respective from which they evolve. We believe that the experience of Western classical music as a part of a historical process may help to revitalize the same consciousness in the Cambodian people concerning their own classical music traditions and contemporary developments.

We look forward to welcome you to next years festival from 1-9 November 2008

150 years of Baroque Music

Gerhard Anton Isselhardt
(Program Director ART+Foundation)

Pictures from the 4th International Music Festival:
many thanks to the performing artists:
Jack Body, Ikeda Bonsamnang, Elizabeth Farrell, Him Savy, Hisako Ikeda, Gerd Isselhardt, Mari Jinnai, Mao Samnag, Dan Poynton, Stephan Rahn, Markus Rombach Issei Sakano, Rieko Suzuki, Uy Tach , Mathias Trapp, Chan Vitharo, Daniela Wahler

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