About us
About us

The Art + Foundation (Foundation for the Advancement of “Western Classical Perfoming Arts”) is a German Foundation with non-profit status and registered as an NGO in Cambodia since 2003.

Objectives of the Foundation

Professional music-teaching International Teacher Association Network Repair and acquisition of instruments Providing room, space for practice and rehearsals Establishing special working groups for chamber music Establishing chamber music ensembles International exchange of composers, musician and ensembles International Music Festival and several Benefit Concerts Research and Documentation “1,000 violines for Cambodia“ Establishing of a “Youth Chamber Orchestra“

During times of social reconciliation and efforts to establish a basic and stable economic system the arts are an important issue. In connection with recent discussions on globalism F.W.C.P.A. believes, the arts, both local-traditional as well as western classical, may play an important role in the development of the new Cambodia. While a focus on traditional art forms (including contemporary developments) strengthens the identity within Cambodian culture, a festival presentation of Western classical music may even support such developments. In contrast, presenting Western Art music in the sense of a historical development supports the key idea that such progress is always only possible in the respective culture itself. In other words, the experience of Western Art Music as a historical process may help to revitalize the same consciousness in Cambodian people concerning their own classical music traditions.

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