Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to the 7th International Music Festival Phnom Penh, which, in 2010, will be focusing on the influence that folk traditions have had on music composition. I am sure that this topic is of particular interest for Cambodian society with its long and celebrated music tradition. By actively encouraging cultural exchange, this festival is building a brighter future with more harmony and understanding. It is my strong conviction that festivals like this one, and all the other activities sponsored by the Art+ Foundation, serve as important examples of an effort to foster collaboration between Western and Cambodian musicians.

HE Him Chhem
Minister of Culture and Fine Arts

H.E. Him Chhem
Minister of
Culture and Fine Arts

For its 7th edition the International Music Festival Phnom Penh has chosen a demanding theme. The influence of folklore on Western Classical Music is evident, remains however widely unnoticed. We subconsciously draw information and stimulation from the deep sources of our culture for our everyday life and daily activities. From these same sources composers have found inspiration for their work.

During the five days of this year's festival we will enjoy quite an interesting range of examples of Classical Music and it wil be a fascinating experience to discover their inner connections with the rich heritage of folk songs, fairy tales and popular dances of Europe. I am particularly looking forward to the special concert in honour of Robert Schumann, the great composer of German Romanticism, whose 200th birthday is celebrated in 2010.

The title of this year's festival „Inspiration and Transformation“ goes far beyond a portrait of influences on Western Classical Music. We all draw our inspiration from a wide range of sources and origins. It is the blending and transformation that paves the way for creativity and new cultural developments.

I wish this 7th International Music Festival 2010 full success. It will be a joy to listen to the music!

Dr. Wolfgang Moser
German Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia

Dr. Wolfgang Moser,
German Ambassador to the
Kingdom of Cambodia

Influences(and relevancies)of folklore in western classical music

The integration of folklore influences into classical western music is, contrary to general assumptions, a difficult task. The challenge is equal, if not more so, than writing an original composition - it must be a work of based on inspiration and deliberation.
The sincere inspiration that embodies folklore has deeply influenced classical western music. As for transformation, in music it consists of any operation or process that a composer, performer or analyst may apply to a musical variable. Examples of this process include multiplication, rotation, permutation and creative combinations. This transformation of folklore influences into classical music provides extensive ongoing hurdles and rewards

Anton Isselhardt
Festival Director

Anton Isselhardt
Program Director ART+Foundation