Gala Opening
Thursday,25 Oct.2012, 7pm

Thursday, 25th October
Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center

7 pm - Gala Opening

Festive music opens the this years Festival.
We are looking forward to a superb performance of the famous young German trumpet player Stephan Stadtfeld. Between musical highlights for trumpet by composers from German, Italy and the Czech Republic, we will also enjoy to listen and relax to warm sounded sonatas composed for flauto dolce contralto, violin and basso continuo by Willem de Fesch, Johann Joachim Fux and William Boyce.

A well balanced opening concert!



Germany (His Majesty's Theatre London)
George Fredric Handel (1685 -1759)
Royal Fireworks Water Music Suite Nr. 2
D-major HWV 349
Piccolo trumpet and basso continuo

The Neederlands (Antwerp Cathedral)
Willem de Fesch (1687-1761)
Triosonate Op.7/4 D-minor
Flauto dolce contralto, violin and basso continuo

England (Master of the King's Musick at the Royal Court)
William Boyce (1711-1779)
Trio Sonata No 6 B flat-major
Flauto dolce contralto, violin and basso continuo

Austria/Habsburgian (Imperial Court at Vienna)
Johann Joseph Fux (1660 -1741)
Nürnberger Partita
from Concentus musico instrumentalis
Flauto dolce contralto, violin and basso continuo

Czech Republic (Royal Court of Saxony-Dresden)
Jan Křtitel Jiří Neruda (1707-1780)
Concerto E flat - major
Corno da Caccia and basso continuo

Italy (Accademia degli Arcadi - Venetia)
Alessandro Marcello (1669-1747)
Concerto D-minor
Trumpet and basso continuo



Stephan Stadtfeld - trumpet
Stephan Rahn - piano
Matthias Witzel - flauto dolce contralto
My Huong Nguyen - violin
Steve Retallick - violoncello