Dear Friends,

I am proud to announce the 20th anniversary of the
International Music Festival with the appellation “MUSIC EXPERIENCES”

There have been many attempts over the last 20 years to bring about an exchange between Western and Eastern cultural experiences.
Even if they have not always been completely fruitful they have always been worth the effort as our complex and diverse world needs the exchange of ideas and concepts for a better understanding of mankind.

In the 21st century world, with all the possibilities of communication we have a real chance of in-depth mutual learning and understanding, including a fundamental acceptance of the “Other”. While such mutual acceptance is sometimes difficult to achieve in the world of international politics and business, the arts have the most special function and ability to bring people together to embrace mutual understanding and overcome political and cultural differences.

The program ranges from masterpieces of the celebrated Viennese Classical composers Mozart and Beethoven to French and Italian musical developments such as impressionism, modernism, neo-classicism and contemporary music.

I look forward to sharing musical experiences with you all.

Anton Isselhardt
Festival Director


Anton Isselhardt
Festival Director

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you again for our annual event, the 20th Phnom Penh Music Festival. I am delighted that this Festival has been playing such an important part in the continuing development of Culture and the Arts in Cambodia.

Throughout twenty Music Festivals audiences have experienced the complexity and richness of music developed over diverse periods and under varying circumstances, and they recognize Cambodia as one of the contributors to this development.

Cambodian musicians have performed both as soloists, and with international guest musicians as equal partners. Works by Cambodian composers have become an integral part of festival programs and have opened doors, to a remarkable blending of cultures, combined with a unique individuality.

I strongly hope that the festival will continue to be an essential part of our cultural life as well as an enrichment to cultural exchange.

Phoeurng Sackona
Minister of Culture and Fine Arts

Phoeurng Sackona
Minister of
Culture and Fine Arts

Dear music lovers,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 20th edition of the International Music Festival in Phnom Penh, organised by the Art Plus Foundation. The Delegation of the European Union is for the 12th consecutive year supporting this important cultural event that brings European classical music to ever wider local audiences.

This year’s anniversary edition has collected some of the greatest composer of classical music: Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss. The special guitar corners playing Italian, Spanish and French masters will give a new and exciting colour to the festival.

I hope music lovers in Cambodia will come together to enjoy the program that the Festival Director Anton Isselhart has again selected for us. We can only thank him and his many colleagues for their great effort throughout the last 20 years for keeping classical music on the cultural agenda. Life in Phnom Penh would never be complete without the International Music Festival.
To the next 20 years!

Igor Driesmans
Ambassador-designate of the European Union to Cambodia


Igor Driesmans
Ambassador of
the European Union
to Cambodia


Dear Friends of Music,

Welcome to the 20th International Music Festival Phnom Penh!

This year’s festival theme „Music Experiences“ marks a special anniversary in the history of a series of classical music events. 20 years - meaning 20 different occasions to explore the world of music from different angles, from impressionism to contemporary works, from Europe to Cambodia, all around the world! Unique discoveries, unique experiences, music that enrichens our lives and gives us unforgettable memories.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is proud to support the 20th International Music Festival Phnom Penh. I would like to thank Mr. Anton Isselhardt for the tremendous effort, his creativity and personal commitment to organising this year’s festival as well as the complete festival series.

I wish the International Music Festival Phnom Penh every success! Let us together discover new pieces of music, rediscover the works of well-known masters and enjoy the programme of the International Music Festival Phnom Penh!

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Kingdom of Cambodia


Ambassador of
the Federal Republic of Germany
to the Kingdom of Cambodia